Audition Pre-Screen Hacks 1 - Manhattan School of Music

Hey All. You may have seen the video on Youtube, but wanted to give you the in-depth on hacking the pre-screening process for MSM.

First, here's the video, in case you missed it.


Here are the specific audition requirements, direct from the website- 

  • Required piece (must be first on the recording): the 12-Bar Blues piece, Billie's Bounce in medium tempo. Must include playing time for at least four choruses behind a soloist and at least two choruses of drum solo.
  • Perform a medium tempo selection or a ballad demonstrating ability to perform with brushes.
  • Perform two additional selections in different jazz styles, moods, and tempos. Each selection must include at least three choruses of playing time behind a soloist and at least two choruses of trading fours, eights, and/or soloing.
  • Original compositions should not be included.
    In the video I discuss what I consider the most optimal way to perform Billie's Bounce (though it's by no means the only way), and suggest using Thad Jones' A Child Is Born as the medium tempo/ballad brush tune, especially if you're auditioning for Juilliard. Finally, Seven Steps, up, with brushes, creates good contrast in your audition repertoire, crosses off one of the "differentiators" (fast tempos with brushes), and fulfills a requirement for the Monk Institute. 
    Stay tuned, as we cover, Juilliard, NYU, the New School, and the Monk Institute.