What Problem Are You Trying To Solve?



1. I'm interested in getting better, and want a "taste" of 80/20 coaching, and I want to hear more about the complete coaching course

I want to transform myself into a solid, musical, and exciting drummer by taking advantage of the latest learning science to accelerate my progress. I'm a self-starter, so if you just tell me the "secrets" I can take action on them.

The Roadmap is applicable to most levels. Beginners and Professionals alike have told me they got great value from the Roadmap, because no-matter-your-level, it never hurts to work on the fundamentals.


2. I want to cut to the chase and get on the list for the coaching course so I can learn more and get an email alert when it opens

Yes, I want to learn exercises, mindsets, and practice methods to bring my playing to the next level, but I recognize the value in hiring an expert coach to provide me personal feedback, and tell me exactly what to practice each week, the way a personal trainer would. I need specific exercises and mindsets to broaden the palette of tools available to me in musical situations. I feel my time, feel, and pocket are good, but I want to play with more conviction and intensity. I sometimes "hiccup" if I try anything "too fancy".

The coaching course is a 12-module, 24-week interactive course that ensures you're practicing exactly what you need to every day in order to get better. The course only opens for new students at certain times. To learn more, and receive an email alert the next time the course opens, click the button.


4. I'm going to be in New York, and want to take a lesson.

I teach private lessons on a space-available basis, and private students have first-crack at coaching slots when then open up. I charge $75 for a lesson, and teach at my studio in Brooklyn, which has 2 drum kits.