Money Back Guarantee

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Hey guys I want to remove all the risk from this purchase.

I know - you've probably watched a video or two on youtube, or followed an ad and watched several of the video trailers, so you have a reasonable idea what's in the videos.

Still, I know my audience - motivated musicians with limited time looking for only the things that work - because I'm a member of my audience. That's why I want you to feel confident I'm going to deliver the value you need.

Hence the guarantee - if this series doesn't improve your playing in three months, I'll refund your money.

And here's why I'm confident offering it - there's nothing like this series anywhere. If you take a lesson with Steve Smith or John Riley, they'll likely touch on some of these concepts. If you shadowed Marcus Gilmore or Tony Royster and observed how they actually practice instead of what they say at clinics (practice your rudiments, practice with the metronome on "one", start every routine with a warmup, etc.), you'd likely observe them using these methods. As I say in the videos, it's not rocket science, and my former teacher John Riley has covered a lot of ground as far as supplying useful content and valuable wisdom with his books and videos, and was part of the inspiration for this series.

But there were no existing videos delving into practice science and psychology in quite the way I do.

Is it perfect? Of course not. But it represents the distillation of twelve-and-counting years of performing and teaching in New York, and I'm very proud of the end result.

So download and rest easy. If you're not completely satisfied with the education in these videos, you have three months to get your money refunded.