Reality Show Episode 3 - Ben Wendel and Montana

Each of these episodes has been "real" in every sense of the word, meaning very little happened the way I intended it, and the result was far better web TV. I thought I'd be able to knock out two of Ben's tunes on a quick jaunt to my home town. What happened instead was I learned a lesson on both the value of digging in and working hard, and the importance of sometimes not working.

Here's the final draft of the Frame cover.

And here's Blocks, the last cover recorded at venerable Flood Studios on Roebling Street before I moved to my new studio.

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I'll be back soon with another episode. Still to come, the finale of my bout against Evan Marien's tunes, and I go deep with the Alan Dawson Rudimental Ritual. (If you dug that second one you're officially a Drum Nerd.)

If you haven't checked out the previous episode, featuring Gilad Hekselman, do that here.